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Rosana Cabán is a Puerto Rican born, Florida raised and Brooklyn based multi instrumentalist, songwriter, audio engineer, and producer.


Works in Progress

Rosana is currently developing a sound and sculptural installation to accompany the release of a music EP.


Composition 20-Naama Tsabar

the Hum Series with + Becca Kauffman (Ava Luna), Angelica Bess (Body Language), Rosana Caban (Psychic Twin) & Kristin Slipp (Cuddle Magic)

Oral History of the Female Drummer at the Brooklyn Museum by Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine

Rosana performing on the High Line as part of Naama's "Composition 20" installation


Psychic Twin

From 2014-2017 Rosana Cabán was the drummer of Psychic Twin. Bandmates Erin Fein and Rosana Cabán
were given an opportunity to pitch new music to a label so they booked a cabin for a writing retreat.
While there, Cabán recorded, produced, and co-wrote the final single "lose myself" that earned a record deal with Polyvinyl Records and was later reviewed by Pitchfork. Over the course of the 3 years that followed, this iteration of Psychic Twin produced their debut full-length Strange Diary, released 2 music videos, and toured nationally--totalling over 90 shows between Fall ‘16 and Spring ‘17 through the US and Canada. The
collaboration and experience of Psychic Twin has been central in informing Rosana Cabán’s
love affair with synths  and the endless possibilities with electronic music.

Psychic Twin
the Fillmore, San Francisco
National Sawdust
National Sawdust
First Ave, Minneapolis
the Observatory - Santa Ana, CA
Fall tour dates 2016
Spring Tour Dates 2017
Late Spring Tour Dates 2017


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Spring Tour Dates 2017