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Rosana Cabán is a prolific musician with contributions to records and performances as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer.


From 2014-2017 Rosana Cabán was the drummer of Psychic Twin. Bandmates Erin Fein and Rosana Cabán
were given an opportunity to pitch new music to a label so they booked a cabin for a writing retreat. While there, Cabán recorded, produced, and co-wrote the final single "lose myself" that earned a record deal with Polyvinyl Records and was later reviewed by Pitchfork. Over the course of the 3 years that followed, this iteration of Psychic Twin produced their debut full-length Strange Diary, released 2 music videos, and toured nationally--totalling over 90 shows between Fall ‘16 and Spring ‘17 through the US and Canada opening for STRFKR, Ladyhawke, the Generationals, and Sylvaan Esso. The collaboration and experience of Psychic Twin has been central in affirming Cabán’s love of synths  and the endless possibilities with electronic music.

Today, Cabán's work can be heard through releases in the Brooklyn DIY music scene on recordings for Shrines, Primitive Heart, Sprng Vlvt, Prima, and Ghost Piss to name a few. In addition to producing records for other artists, Cabán continues working on her own original music and scores.

A selection of tracks that were mixed, recorded, or produced by Rosana Cabán 

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